I Own a Suit That Fits

Sending Suit Measurements

The first step is to send us the size on the labels of your jacket and pants.  The coat size is usually  in the inside breast pocket or on a label just on the inner lining.  There are typically  2 numbers and 1 or 2 letters after the numbers.  The numbers range from 34 – 60 (or higher).  This is not your chest measurement. The letter is usually S, R, L or XL.  There can be a second set of numbers that follow which is the pant waist size.  It can look like this  40R/34W.

For the pants just in case the pant size is not inside the coat or you have had the pants altered in or out at the waist, give us the number inside the pants (usually an even number) and then follow the instructions on how to measure your pants just in case they were altered.  Try not to give us jean information. Suit pants fit tighter and longer than casual pants and jeans.